Making of ‘Keepin’ The Funk Alive’ / November 24, 2015

Scene 9 (Making Of)

Scene 8 (Making Of)

Scene 4 (Making Of)

Keepin’ The Funk Alive – Final

Animation is unquestionably one of the most time-consuming art forms out there. A glance over our “making of” videos on the left should demonstrate just why.

Taken from our animated trailer “Keepin’ The Funk Alive”, these videos show off just how complex the process of animation can be.

For example, check out the top video (Scene 9) to see how we started with an almost stick-figure style of animation to map out the movement. The character and environment was gradually built up using multiple references. We completely re-skinned the drummer based on some photo’s we had of a 70’s funk keyboard artist. We then added a big afro, exaggerated the the bounce and re-timed the drumming to match the new music.

The next two videos highlight our approach to compositing and how we gradually build up scenes in multiple passes. You’ll notice how we generally start with wireframes first to lock-in the movement before adding colour and effects.

So there you have it, a sneak peak behind-the-scenes at our hand-crafted process. Hope you enjoyed the walk-through.