Scooti Ridesharing App  /  Character Animation

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The Adults – Reunite  /  3d Animation

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Smart City Powered by Outcomex  /  3d Animation

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The Story Of Coffee  /  Character Animation

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RedBalloon – Home Grown  /  Motion Graphics

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Welcome to the Candy Wonderland  /  3d Animation

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Award-winning animation studio based in Sydney, Australia

Working with leading brands and advertising agencies, we produce animated videos for local and international clients that engage, inform and inspire audiences through creativity and uncompromising quality.

Since our humble beginnings in 2010, we’ve created hundreds of animated videos that really speak to audiences by cutting through the noise to tell engaging stories.

Featured Work

Coast 2 Coast

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RedBalloon – Home Grown

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- Motion Graphics -

Symptom Checker

- Motion Graphics -

NBN Setup

- 3d Animation -


- 3d Animation -


- Motion Graphics -

The Story Of Coffee

- Character Animation -


  • Motion Graphics

    You see Motion Graphics all the time – on TV and YouTube and a million websites – because they help communicate complex messages in an easy-to-understand and visually engaging way. By adding motion to your words, photos, and/or illustrations, you bring another dimension to your presentation, which enhances your story and amplifies your message.

  • Character Animation

    Character Animation breathes life, emotion and personality into stories. Viewers naturally relate to characters, and incorporating them into video projects are a great way to give your story a distinct personality. Our character animators can be likened to actors with a pencil (or mouse), living out their hollywood dreams one keyframe at a time.

  • 2D Animation

    One of the most common and recognisable techniques, the flat 2D Animation style is a staple of Saturday morning kids’ shows – yet has also been used to create some of the most beautiful and memorable films of all time, such as Bambi and Snow White. Extremely versatile, and easily combinable with live action and 3D animation, 2D has a look all its own and is limited only by your imagination.

  • 3D Animation

    3d Animation has revolutionised the industry, giving artists the tools to create amazingly lifelike and detailed worlds from scratch. Limited only by our imagination, our tech-savvy team can produce stunning visuals that bring a heightened realism to your project, while boosting the impact of your story. If you’d like to add the third dimension to your next project, drop us a line today.

  • Music Video

    Animation can help tell the story of your song in ways that live action can only dream of. Whether it’s crafting a band promo, or creating an innovative Music Video packed with eye candy, we can help realise your vision, even within the constraints of a tight budget. Your music deserves a showcase that’s polished and broadcast-ready. We’re ready to collaborate with you to make that happen.

  • TVC

    With rapid advances in technology, marketers are turning more and more to animation as an effective and economical way to maximise creativity and avoid the hassles of live-action shoots. With no locations or actors to worry about, advertisers and artists can free their imaginations and work together to create a spot that grabs the viewer and stays with them long after its 15 or 30 seconds are over.